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Kids of All Ages Welcome

The AAA Route 66 Road Fest will offer a dedicated activity area where children, families and adults will have a chance to participate, or just observe, a variety of fun and engaging experiences intended to bring out the kid in all of us.

Pinewood Derby

That’s right – THAT Pinewood Derby! We are partnering with the Boy Scouts of America and bringing the Pinewood Derby to the big stage. The Scouts have been doing this since the 1950s, with over 50 million kids participating, and now they’re going to share the fun with the rest of us. There will be sanctioned races taking place as well as the opportunity for you to choose a pre-built car and race your friends and family. 

If you are a Scout and want to sign up to be a part of the sanctioned races check back for registration dates.

Miniature Golf

Who doesn’t love a round of miniature golf? Our course is as unique and fun as Route 66 itself – you never know what you might encounter along the way. The Blue Whale of Catoosa, dinosaurs, wigwams, and more; anything is possible on our custom-built Route 66 course. So, pull your best plaid pants out of the closet and head over for 18 holes of miniature golf Mother Road style.

Hot Wheels Races

We are teaming up with the T-Town Wheelers, a family-oriented club of Hot Wheels and other brands of diecast collectors and customizers.

Grab your favorite Hot Wheels car and take advantage of this Downhill Race Track. Races will take place on the hour and will accommodate a total of 20 cars per racing session. Award recognition will be given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each racing session.

Don’t have a car?   A limited number will be available at the registration desk or you can purchase one at the show from one of our Vendors. 

Interactive Art​

The best things along Route 66 have always been born from people’s creativity. Example’s you ask? Well, a certain Blue Whale comes to mind, or a totem pole, or how about a 30-foot space man to sell mufflers, or people coming across the world to see half buried cars?

In our Interactive Art Space you can sit and color your favorite Route 66 attraction for that empty spot on your refrigerator. If paint is your thing, you can join one of our Paint Along Classes with the fantastic Rosemary Daugherty of Moonlight Art Factory. Rosemary will be doing guided paint classes for kids and adults alike featuring some of your favorite Route 66 icons. Register to ensure your spot today!

Virtual Reality Arena

If you’ve never put on the goggles and experienced virtual reality games firsthand you’re missing out. Lucky for you, the Route 66 Road Fest’s Activity Zone has the answer. Hop in to one of our four VR arenas and take on the challenge of your choice. By the way, you know what’s almost as fun as playing a VR game? Watching somebody else play a VR game. So while you wait your turn, enjoy watching your friends, family or a complete stranger jump around and flail their arms wildly!

Eeeek It's A Dinosaur!

Come hang out with your favorite T-Rex or Raptor when you attend the Route 66 Road Fest! 

 The amazement of Dinosaurs have been around for centuries, now you can interact with one up-close and personal. Imagine the excitement and perhaps a little hair-raising that takes place when you have an encounter with an 8ft Dinosaur! They Baby dinosaurs will be there too and will surely be a hit with smaller kids. These Dinosaurs are the closest thing you will get to a realistic dinosaur encounter. You will see them roaming around the festival so have your cameras ready, your kiddos are really going to love this. GO DINO!

Route 66 Road Fest Activity Dino Experience

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